Saturday, 16 November 2013

8lbs lost already!!

Well I am one happy bunny today. 2 weeks, 4 PT sessions = 8lbs lost! My clothes fit better, my skin looks clearer - all in all the sessions are clearly paying off.

Friday's session consisted of leg and core work again. Abs, leg press, on and off the stepper, lunges, lunges with belgian bag. The difficult ones were sitting fully down on the step, with feet either side and standing fully up using just your thighs, then squatting back to sitting.

Another difficult one - side plank rotation. I need to practice this one, as I was entirely lacking in grace!! Start with a side plank, hold, roll into front plank and straight into side plank on the other side and hold. Then back again. And again. 10 in total!! I struggled with that one.

Interval training and sprints on the stepper. Interval training and sprints on the rower. Just for the fun of it, a plank with a belgian bag my back!!! Followed by the rope.

I burn in every muscle in my body. I ache, I have never felt anything so bad yet so wonderful in my life. Bad because it burns and aches. Wonderful because I can see and feel the difference it is already making to my body.

You must have a certain disposition to be a personal trainer - one that likes to inflict pain!! But he knows what he is doing by god and the difference already is making me all the more determined. Long way to go, but I've made a dent, and what matters is how much better I feel.

8lbs in 12 days. Yay!

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