Saturday, 9 November 2013


Oh what joy! After a rare evening out, I come home to discover this, one of my most favourite movies is playing. James McAvoy plays the part of a totally downtrodden, under the thumb bum. His girlfriend is going with his supposed best mate.

His boss is a super-sized bitch, with awful died red hair. He types away, playing the role, whilst in wilful denial of his situation. He is the nerd, the office joke.

But I digress. Before that, "my Ireland" off of Braveheart takes roof jumping to the extreme. Kicking off from the elevator he leaps across the skyline only to find himself on X marks the spot!

Cue McAvoy being tracked down by the almost unbelievable perfection of Angelina Jolie. Like her, loath her, she is beautiful and also very very convincing in her part here!

Whilst in reality, smacking someone in the face with a keyboard is not an action I condone, it makes a great scene for the underdog!

This film is not a classic. The acting is not great. It is not an oscar worthy performance. What it is, is a reminder that we do not have to be bullied. That we can say "shut the hell up, you have one tenuous iota of power". And we can walk out. We can and we will be the makers of our own destiny.

The film deviates from this, by making the fraternity the be all and end all. however, the defining and for me the best part is when McAvoy realises that he has a choice. We have a choice. Regardless.

I rarely give a 10 but i make an exception here. 10 out of 10. I love this!!!

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