Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Road to Slim - PT session 7 under my belt

So last night I completed Personal Training Session number 7. The sessions now I am getting stronger are getting harder in terms of the weights and resistance. Whilst I can tell I am getting fitter, each session leaves me looking like a mad red heffalump!!

Having said that, I am finding that my body is starting to change. It feels different and it is starting to be noticeable, particularly my waist which is reappearing having been in disguise for some months now. Its like i have been wearing a fat suit, but now that suit looks like its been shrunk in the wash. Its still there, but its definitely shrunk a bit!

In my infinite wisdom I have made the decision to continue after my block of 10 sessions is complete. given that Christmas is looming I feel I need to motivate myself, to avoid the usual sitting down with the box of quality street realising all that is left is the wrappers, and about a stone heavier as a result!

I have come to the idea that it would be very nice indeed to actually be able to fit in some of nice clothes (usually this is only for those first few days on holiday) instead of trying to squeeze myself into some hideous looking assembly of garments to try and cover up the expanse of my derrière! Maybe, just maybe, I might actually look somewhere approaching good this year!

So far I have lost 10lbs. Its not shifting as fast as I had hoped, but I do wonder if some of that is because I am also toning up. My legs and arms are definitely firmer, although some way to go yet of course. After the first session, I genuinely thought both legs were somehow damaged, as trying to walk was a real issue. My thighs burned for several days. Now, whilst it still hurts and aches, its nothing compared to the days after that first session. You don't realise what your body is able to do until you push it to its limits.

I feel quite proud of what I can now do, after just 7 sessions. So, 3 more to go, then I have booked a block of 10 to follow that. Lets see what this body can do and maybe, just maybe, it might possibly get to where I have tried and failed to get it to for the last 20 years.

I am 37. Certainly age is going to be against me at some point, but I am still young enough to really push hard. I feel inspired and determined at the moment. I just hope my will power holds!!

Weight loss so far: 10lbs.
Weight to reach goal: 42lb. (3 stone)

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