Saturday, 23 November 2013

Santa is real!!

So G is 8 1/2. Still fully believing in Santa. We have had the list, and the usual discussions around Santa watching to make sure kids are being good, or else its a piece of coal for you!!

But this year, I've started to get an inkling that she is at least starting to question the details if not Santa himself. So far, we have been asked how Santa gets to all the houses. Then, and this was a tough one to answer, how does he get down the chimneys when everyone has electric or gas fires - wont he get burnt!! Then there is - why did the Santa I saw at Bridgemere look so different to the one in the Shopping Centre?

I'm not sure how many years the idea of Santa has left, but one thing is for sure, we are certainly going to make sure we enjoy it while it lasts.

And for the record - Santa is real!! I still leave a mince pie and a sherry out. Well, who wants to act like a grown up all the time. So don't forget the carrot for rudolph this year. x

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