Monday, 25 November 2013

World War Z - My Movie Reviews

Prepare for an adrenaline packed roller coaster of a film. Reminiscent of 28 days later, the Z here is for Zombies. That said, with Brad Pitt at the helm putting some A-list Hollywood style into the mix, this is a stand out in this particular genre.

The opening scenes are nothing short of full on scary. Even though I have seen a number of these kind of films this one is quite plausible. You could actually imagine this happening. I thought it had a really clever storyline, the effects were brilliant, and the "camouflage" not quite solution I thought was absolute genius.

In particular, I loved the way the story jumped countries, with plane crashes, high speed chases through winding streets, and brill special effects. I liked how it didn't have a silly Hollywood ending, which whilst I won't spoil it for you, does leave it kind of hanging out there for you to imagine what could follow.

I was impressed with this one more than some others of this kind, but if you don't like zombies steer clear!! Brad is cool as ever, although there are a few moments where he keeps surviving where you do start to question if that would actually happen, but lets face it, he is Brad Pitt. No Zombie is ever going to be allowed to kill him off half way through the plot! There has also never been a worse moment to receive a phone call!!

If you want a serious toned, but good entertainment nevertheless film to watch, then go for it. If you are more the clever slick thriller type, then its probably not for you!! I enjoyed it, and I give it a 7 out of 10, purely for the entertainment factor. Enjoy! x

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