Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sail by AWOLnation - I'm slightly obsessed - definite song of the week

I heard this being introduced on the radio last week, and listened to it in passing - background noise if you will. Immediately I was struck by how familiar it sounded.

Later that day it was on the radio again when I hopped into the car. This time I dedicated my ears to it and listened properly. It was immediate and powerful and I now as a result cannot stop listening to it.

It's quite an old song apparently, being first released 3 years ago, which is a bit odd but there you go. The familiarity I found is in part explained by its prolific use in TV ads, trailers etc.. but none I can pin down as the source I recognise.

None of which matters, because it is fabulous anyway. I have now downloaded it, and am constantly listening to it at the gym, and keep walking around making the noises off it - when you hear it you might imagine how bonkers I might sound trying to imitate it!

If you like quirky songs, that are a bit electro pop this is one for you. Just try not to get as obsessed as I am. Or do. It's not like its a bad thing.

If you like it, pop me a comment to say so - I'm sure it can't just be me!

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