Monday, 9 December 2013

Wilkinson - Afterglow - my record of the week

This song has really got stuck in my head like it's on constant loop! I had never heard of Wilkinson, and it was by chance that I caught this mid-song the first time I heard it.

I thought it sounded a little bit like Adele at first, but on second listen, maybe not so much! That said, the melodic voice (Becky hill) on this does make you feel very mellow. The term afterglow is perfect for this catchy track which is surprisingly bassy for a mainstream chart entry. You would expect this sort of thing in a club or city bar, but it fantastic for the gym or for listening to (loudly) in the car.

Download this one straight away, as its a stayer. I can see this remaining on my playlist long after it leaves the charts. Do beware though that this will stick in your head for days. Definetely recommended. Enjoy ;)

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