Monday, 27 January 2014

2 stone to lose and 12 weeks to go!!

I do not like to do things the easy way. No sirree. Not me. I make things as hard as can be. This is why I find myself with 12 weeks to go and 2 stones to lose!! It can't be done you say?? I beg to differ.

In 12 weeks, 2 pounds loss per week would put me at 24lbs lost, just 4lbs short of the goal. That is one hell of a challenge, but if I can get some big losses in on a few weeks, I just might do it. This is what it is going to take:

  • 2 x PT sessions per week
  • 2 x individual gym sessions per week (4 in total, minimum)
  • 15 mins ab work every morning
  • no carbs after 7pm
  • no alcohol on week nights
  • wine only once per week, 1 bottle max
  • lots of veg
  • lots of fruit
  • 1 litre of water per day
  • Green tea 
  • 10,500 steps per day
  • no sweets
  • no chocolate
I have a hard and challenging 12 weeks ahead of me. The results will be worth it. However, this is not just for holiday. This is the time I get this weight off for good. I am one of those people who has never been able to do moderation. I gain weight, I lose weight - I never maintain. Not ever!! I really do need to learn moderation and that will be the hardest challenge of all. But I can and I will do this. (I will worry about maintaining when I actually lose the weight). Until then I intend to take each day as a new challenge, and a fresh start, to do something that makes a difference, and be proud of myself when I accomplish it. Here goes nothing.......

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