Friday, 10 January 2014

Jack and Jill - My MOVIE REVIEW

Jack and Jill is an Adam Sandler film. As a rule, I do not like Adam Sandler films. My partner decided to put this film on yesterday, and whilst it is daft, I actually did enjoy it. Dangerous territory reviewing a film like this as I can well understand why many wouldn't rate this at all but it made me laugh, so I thought I would share that with you. We all need to have a bit of silliness in our lives - sometimes!!

So Jack and Jill are twins. The film starts with them as kids, with Jack clearly being the smarter twin. The film then moves forward to them as adults. Jack is a success - pretty wife, nice house, good job, kids. Jack doesn't like his twin Jill (Sandler in drag!!) as she annoys and irritates him. I have to confess the dinner scene when Jill arrives is the cringiest moment, and I thought it was hilarious. The little boy taping things to himself, such as the pepper mill, and the homeless guy preferring to leave - priceless!

In the midst of his sister's visit, Jack is assigned the task of obtaining Al Pacino consent to star in a Do-nut ad. A random encounter between Jill and Pacino results in Pacino relentlessly pursuing a completely unimpressed and uninterested Jill. He gives her his phone number by writing it in mustard on a hotdog that he sends to her! The calibre of having Pacino star in this adds to the humour in my humble opinion.

Jill however, gets invited to the gardener, Felipe's, family get together. This is brilliant, with Jill playing sports and accidentally hitting grandma on the head repeatedly with different things - pinata, footballs.... So funny. to the point where they even discreetly check she is a girl!! They confirm she is by looking up her skirt!!!

Pacino basically gives Jack an ultimatum - he either gets with Jill or no Do-nut ad. Jack invites Jill on their family cruise and she is so excited to finally be wanted. Little does she know Jack's reason is to pair her up! When she makes Jack skip rope with her, he finally gives in and has a little fun. Only to then tell her she's not someone he likes!! Jack then realises its hopeless and gets dressed up as Jill and heads off for the rendez-vous with Pacino.  I love the bit where Jack goes into the gents to change, and is helped by the clerk who rearranges his melons. When he later tries the same thing with Jill she punches him clean out!!

Cue much more cringy scenes with Pacino refusing to give up on making Jill his!! He comments on how much more feminine she seems, less muscular when in fact it is Jack! Jill meanwhile shows her strength in the gym!! Brilliant. Finally, Jack leaves him and goes back to the ship to try and make it up with Jill, only to find she has gone home to the Bronx having realised why Jack invited her along.

On New Year's Eve, Jill goes to a restaurant with a photo of her mother who has passed away. A group of old school classmates are there, but they used to bully Jill. They taunt her, but then Jack and his family arrive. Pacino also arrives, but she turns him down again - but how cool does she look to the classmates now!She goes home for a surprise arranged by Jack. This turns out to be Felipe - Jill is overjoyed.

The best part is the last little bit - Pacino's Do-nut commercial. I have no idea how much money they paid him to do this - this is Al Pacino! I mean the makers of Jack and Jill by the way. He dances and sings and it is the ultimate embarassment! In the film, Pacino instructs Jack after viewing it that it has to be burned before anyone sees it. I can understand that - its truly awful, but funny just isn't the word.

Now don't get me wrong here. Jill is truly annoying. Sandler in a dress? Really? It's a bit cheesy, a bit hammy - it's not a film for deep plotlines or character development. It is however downright funny at times, and in between its watch-able. Overall, its enjoyable. I enjoyed it any way! You may hate it - many have. If you relax in the knowledge that this is a cheerful, light hearted, bit of silliness and just enjoy it for what it is then you won't go far wrong. Definitely a good choice for January and post Christmas drabness and a good few weeks still until payday!! Go on, give it a go. :)

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