Saturday, 25 January 2014

My Week with the Stereophonics

My choice this week of who to spend seven days listening to was the Stereophonics. Each day, I chose a track to listen to, and then reviewed it. One week on, I can report that it has rekindled my love of this band, and piqued my curiosity for their albums, some of which are unfamiliar to me. Some of their music is now going to be a permanent fixture on my own playlists.

So the seven songs, whilst all great in different ways now need to be put in order of which I rank the highest (click the link for the full review for each). This is how they fared:

In at number 1: Dakota
Number 2: It Means Nothing
Number 3: Mr Writer
Number 4: Pick a Part That's New
Number 5: Maybe Tomorrow
Number 6: Local Boy in a Photograph
Number 7: The Bartender and the Thief

It's with a little sadness that I say goodbye to this fantastic rock band from Wales. Its been fantastic. It has re-opened my ears to the songs I remember, and how great they still sound, and has also given me the chance to listen to some new (old) music that I have now fallen in love with.

For more on The Stereophonics, and other bands and music, please visit My Music page. I am quite new to this blogging stuff, but each week I shall be adding more to my pages so you will always find something new to listen to.

If you have any suggestions for who I should spend a week with next (musically speaking of course) just pop me a comment and let me know! Or just join in with me and listen to my song choices each day. It's all good fun. Happy Listening x

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