Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Oasis - Day One - Live Forever

Day One of my week with Oasis, and my first pick is Live Forever. Released in 1994, this is the first Oasis track that I can remember ever hearing and it blew me away. That much I do remember.

This was in fact the third single from Oasis' debut album, Definetely Maybe. It only reached number 10 in the UK chart, but was the first of the 3 to hit the top ten. It was much more important than that though, as it was this song that brought Oasis to the attention of the masses. The previous 2 singles, Supersonic and Shakermaker, whilst brilliant, didn't reach the top 10.

So enough of all that - now to the song itself. If you don't like the sound of guitars, step away now. This, is pure class. This is how rock and roll should sound. Unapologetic, perfectly tuned, great lyrics, brilliantly poignant and thought provoking, memorable, iconic. The song sounds gritty and urban, but at the same time is optimistic. So many songs at the time this was released were grunge and depressing.

This was penned by Noel Gallagher, and according to his own statements over the years, was inspired by the Rolling Stones. I don't know about that, as I was never a Stones fan really, but whatever the inspiration, this is an anthem.

When you hear either Noel or Liam Gallagher speak, you would be excused for branding them as typical Mancs - a bit arrogant, a bit full of themselves. You would not think to look or hear them that one of them could produce vocals of this elegance, such effortless perfection, or that one of them had the capability of writing such an epic.

This is a slow song, full of guitar, drums and piano. It has a distinctive sound and you know from the first its Oasis. There is no mistaking their sound even now. No-one has come close to matching them let alone surpassing them.

Unless you have been living in a hole underground for the last 20 years, its unlikely that you haven't been aware of Oasis. The thing to remember is that yes, they were argumentative, yes, they did at some points get too big for their boots, and yes, they were sometimes very over the top. But they were great. They produced music that has become forever a part of rock and roll nobility. Over the years, they stamped their mark on the UK charts.

But take a time-capsule back to 1994. Forget everything you know and just listen. Put this on, crank up the volume and just listen. I challenge you not to be as gushing about them as I have been here. I am, again, overwhelmed. If anything, this sounds even better than I remember. Maybe it's the memories it provokes, maybe its because I am that bit older that 'Live Forever' strikes more of a chord with me. Definetely Maybe its because it is a great great song. Happy listening :)

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