Thursday, 30 January 2014

Oasis - Day Two - Stop Crying Your Heart Out

It is Day Two of my week with Oasis. Today's pick is Stop Crying Your Heart Out. Released in 2002, this single reached number 2 in the UK charts.

The single was a track on the 2002 album, Heathen Chemistry, the band's fifth studio album. By this album, Oasis were established as British music icons, so the expectations were high. Weirdly, this song wasn't particularly well received, and I don't remember hearing it much on the radio at the time.

Fast forward 12 years to the current day, and it sounds awesome. Written by Noel Gallagher, and vocals by Liam and Noel Gallagher, this is an absolute belter of a record. Classed in the world of rock and roll as a power ballad, this song packs an emotional punch. Whilst its actually quite uplifting in its lyrics, Liam's snarling voice makes this more raw and thought provoking than it was probably intended.

Back in the day, I remember the likes of Don't Look Back in Anger, and Robbie's Angels being the songs that played out the last minutes in the bar or club. This song sounds like that - the sort that will make you a little melancholy and a quieten you down at the end of a raucous night. But that was then.

Stick this on your player now, and in comparison to the music today, it sounds big and bold. At the time, I can imagine set against the backdrop of bigger and better Oasis releases, including album tracks, that this was paled by comparison. But listen to it on its own. Take in the piano, the guitar and Liam's snarling yet beautiful voice and it will take you somewhere new.

I'm glad to have this on my week with Oasis, as its not an obvious choice. I could have picked all the big numbers, but I wanted to listen to this again to see if it has aged well. The verdict? It's better with age. Happy listening :)

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