Sunday, 5 January 2014

Single of the Week - Lorde - Royals

I haven't listened to much music over Christmas, but on Thursday, first day back at work I heard this for the first time. Immediately I liked it. However its taken a few more listens to say that I love it, and that it is now my single of the week. Its been in the charts a while now, but seriously, get this song downloaded and in your music collection as in my opinion this is a stayer.

The artist is Lorde, the song is called Royals. It kicks in slowly with the beat. A few seconds in this deep beautiful haunting voice kicks in. The girl is only young - 16/17 I believe, but her voice is stunning. The song itself is bare, with just the beat and her soaring voice. However its the words that hook you. It's a stark contrast to lots of the glitzy pretty stuff out there, as its quite gritty.

In melody and style it reminds of artists like Lana Del Rey, Katie Melua and Nora Jones, but unlike those artists, Lorde seems much more real. This has seriously stuck in my head, and whilst I am of a different generation, I can relate to this in a way that surprised me being a good many years older than she. Its an interesting song, and not the often hum drum stereotypical chart entry - it stands out.

It will also be a good song to cool down / chill down to at the gym (pre holiday) or on the beach (on holiday!).

Recommended this one. I love it - sure you will too.

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