Friday, 24 January 2014

Stereophonics - Day Six - Local Boy in a Photograph

This is my pick for Day Six of my week with the Stereophonics. Local Boy in a Photograph is the first single by the band. Taken from their debut album Word Gets Around.

It actually didn't fare so well on its first release back in 1997, only reaching number 51! It did better when it was re-released in 1998, when it reached number 14.

Personally, I think this song has a rawness that isn't present in their new songs. This is their first album though, and its less neat around the edges which is powerful. Bands sometimes get a little too polished for my liking.

Kelly Jones still sounds as gravelly even back in 1997, and this song set the tone for what was to follow with their soft rock style. Apparently the song was based on the true story of a boy who was killed by a train.

The album itself charted at number 6, thanks to this song, and also A Thousand Trees and More Life in a Tramps Vest, which followed this first single.

It's not the cheeriest of numbers, and it isn't particularly anthemic, but it's good. I'm not sure that it would be one I will be listening to regularly, but it was good to remind myself of where they started from - a trip down memory lane if you will. Well worth a listen, but don't forget this isn't the phonics as you know them.

For more on my week with the Stereophonics, check out My Music page. Enjoy listening :)

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