Sunday, 19 January 2014

Stereophonics - Day Three - Dakota

Day Three of my week with the Stereophonics, and today's choice is Dakota. Dakota was the first single released from the album Language, Sex, Violence, Other? Released in February 2005, this was the first Stereophonics single to reach the number one spot in the UK chart.

I loved the Stereophonics older sound, and this track in particular takes them back to how they sounded on their first two albums. Its more alternative rock than the softer style they took on. I absolutely love this. From the moment it kicks in, you recognise this track - its unique. 44 weeks it stayed in the charts, proving it wasn't just me that loved it so much.

Apparently Kelly Jones wrote this track in a hotel room in Paris, and it was originally going to be titled Vermillion. The bad changed their minds when Slipknot released a song with that title, then Mercury Rev used it as the title of their album! It was renamed as Dakota, the name of the famous building in New York (you will know this is you are a John Lennon fan of course). Another fact for trivia fans - the video was actually filmed in South Dakota, USA!

I'm not usually a fan of songs that have long intro's, but this has such a strong, dramatic intro that it excites you from the start. When Kelly Jones growls "You made me feel like the one" with his melodic gravel filled voice, you really feel it too. You can feel the soul in this track - it really packs a punch. "I don't know where we are going now", he sings, finishing with "Take a look at me now".  This is a powerful track. I do not know why this wasn't already on my playlists. It is now.

I am very much enjoying my week revisiting these tracks. I have not been disappointed yet. See my choices for Day One the Bartender and the Thief and Day Two Pick a Part that's New for more, or just visit My Music page.

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