Thursday, 20 February 2014

Beyonce - Day Five - If I Were a Boy

Day Five of my Week with Beyonce, and today my song choice is If I Were a Boy. Taken from her third studio album, I am... Sasha Fierce, back in 2008. This is a slow, emotional song from Beyonce, and not like the choices I have made on previous days. This song is full of feeling and quite melancholy.

This single hit the number one spot in the UK chart. The song itself was written about a painful break up, and Beyonce recorded her own, new take on it. And what a result. She also released Single Ladies around the same time off the same album, and they truly could not be more different. The later being Beyonce as Sasha, her alter-ego, but this beautiful song is her as her true self.

This is a ballad of a broken heart, with Beyonce singing out the pain. The video is shot in black and white, and we see Bey playing the part of the man, then back as herself. It spins the tale of taking your lover for granted, and paints men as quite emotionally different to us women. As in, if she were a boy, she would be different, but as she isn't, she is on the receiving end. It clearly struck a chord with us Brits. Its full of acoustic guitars, drums and some strings which are soft, but powerful, just like her vocals on this.

This is a true woman's song, but its just so gorgeous in doing so that its empowering. It starts gentle, but then Beyonce exercises her range again, and hits the notes so sweetly, so perfectly, that you cannot help but to fall a little bit in love. This song is so far removed from her usual R&B / pop style. This song has was a new direction for her. I love the part at the end when she softens her pitch and sings "but your'e just a boy".

The song itself has lyrics of women being vulnerable, and frankly, makes us seem a bit weak. This may be true to a point, but I'm not sure I entirely relate to that aspect of it. What makes this great is the strength of being a woman, and how despite it all, she survives to tell the tale.

Beyonce, as ever, looks beautiful in the video. Stripped back to bare skin she looks so fresh and innocent, but still beautiful and sexy. All I can say to sum up is that this is a gorgeous song, and this is one to put on if you want to indulge yourself in some I am woman type musical therapy. You can't go far wrong with this. Beautiful. I usually say Happy Listening, but this is more of you may need a tissue to hand. Enjoy.

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