Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Beyonce - Day Four - Love on Top

It is Day Four of My Week with Beyonce. Today's number is Love on Top. This was released in 2011, and taken from her fourth studio album as a solo artist.

Yesterday, I went for a track from her Destiny's Child Days, but today we are back to Bey on her good self. This track reached number 13 in the UK chart at its highest, but didn't actually make the top 20 initially. What made this track a hit was Beyonce announcing her pregnancy after performing it! It was taken from her album 4, released in the same year. 

This song is impressive in that Beyonce really does show the range of her voice. Several key changes, see this gorgeous old school record push her talent to its max, and its pitch perfect. It has a bit of an 80's feel to it, and has been likened a bit to the likes of Stevie Wonder and artists from that era. 

It's not as catchy as some of her other, bigger, better known tracks, but I chose this one because it is so different. Its beautiful, its empowering, its romantic and her voice just soars. 

Now, contrast a very sweet sounding song with one hell of a sexy video. Beyonce, again opting for a leotard (bit of a fan me thinks) strutting her stuff in a studio. That woman's legs are toned to the point of ridiculous, I mean seriously, come on Bey, give us normal types a chance eh? Back to it. She moves onto a variety of tux type jackets all of which reveal a great deal of her assets. If you have it flaunt it would be the way I would describe this. She certainly doesn't disappoint!

This is an R&B track, but with more than a hint of diva, this is a make you feel good song. You can't exactly sing along though, as unless I am mistaken, most of us mere mortals could never reach these notes, but alone in the car I gave it a try. It sounded awful, but it made me feel good, so who cares!! I suggest not inflicting your own attempts on anyone you care about, including pets who may be traumaticed, but feel free to be a diva on your own good self!!

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