Thursday, 13 February 2014

Beyonce - Day One - Crazy in Love

It's the first day of my week with Beyonce! How exciting! Right, onto the important stuff. My first choice is Crazy in Love. This was probably the first song that made me realise what a power house this woman is. It's also got a video that makes every woman apart from her somehow inadequate!!

This was Beyonce's debut single, released back in 2003, from her debut album, Dangerously In Love. Beyonce's style was set as a sassy R&B artist, but also with a strong pop vibe, for wider appeal. It worked brilliantly. This is such a funky, catchy number.

Beyonce and Jay Z wrote the song, and Jay Z actually features in it. Little did we know they would go on to be arguably the powerful couple outside of politics in the world!! This song certainly set the scene for what was to come that's for sure.

Back to the song. Crazy in Love went to number one in the UK charts, Beyonce's first as a solo. It also became one of the best-selling singles of all time! Wow.

It's fast, its catchy, it is instantly recognisable. It stands out, and it has stood the test of time. Its hard to think it was 2003 - it doesn't seem that long ago. The video is awesome. Wearing skimpy shorts and a vest top with massive high heels, she is in red, white and blue and boy that girl can strut her stuff. Proving her dance skills and sheer sex appeal, this woman rocks.

Apparently, being described herself at some point in the development of the song as looking so crazy right now, and the title and the main line was born. Later came the now famous "oh oh, oh oh, oh oh" bit that you find yourself walking around singing after listening to this song.

This is a delicious song in every sense. From Queen Bey shaking her booty, to the lyrics, to the tune and her voice. Pop perfection. My only issue is why its taken me until now to add this to my playlist. Its a full on anthem!! The song is one for the girls, but the video is for all - as a woman, I would kill to have that body, but I can well imagine this has significant appeal to the boys too!! Fabulous. Go listen now! x

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