Saturday, 22 February 2014

Beyonce - Day Seven - XO

Oh my gosh its Day Seven of My Week with Beyonce. It is with sadness that I say this. Today's choice is her current song XO.

This is Beyonce's current single as at Feb 2014, and is a track taken from her fifth studio album, Beyonce.  This is so catchy, but its a grower. Bit of controversy, given that the start of the song samples a little extract from Space Shuttle Challenger, which has been criticised. This isn't offensive in the least though. Its a great song. And tastefully done

She looks great in the video, shot in Coney Island. Whilst we always knew Bey had a killer bod, she does a good job of looking like the girl next door here, albeit a very attractive girl next door.

I love the thoughts that the lyric "baby love me, lights out" make you think. If you think of this song as just an everyday story you won't be disappointed. However, if you take the intended reference to the Challenger disaster as it was intended, this is a deep meaningful song meant to portray how we should make the most of those we love, as we never know when things may go horribly and tragically wrong.

Personally, I love the song. I love the fact that she sound so strong so female ,yet so tired. Its not an immediate anthem. This is a song that when first heard is a bit "meh". Then you hear it again. Then you love it. next thing you are walking around singing " I'' give you everything, Baby love me lights out".

I don't know how to explain it. This is the greatest Beyonce song ever. Its not R&B. Its not pop. Its instantly recognisable as Beyonce, yet totally not the normal for her. Its not an anthem, but it makes you feel something new. In that way, it is an anthem. I cant put my finger on it. Its just a song that is all kinds of wonderful.

With that, I wave goodbye to Beyonce. This was Day Seven of my week with Beyonce. tomorrow I shall reflect back on my seven days and rank the songs, but if you can't wait for that, check out My Music page here for more. This is going to be huge. Happy listening. :)

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