Friday, 21 February 2014

Beyonce - Day Six - Beautiful Liar

Day Six of My Week with Beyonce. Today I have decided to choose Beyonce's collaboration with Shakira - the single Beautiful Liar. Released in 2007, this was an immediate hit, reaching the number one spot in the UK.

The single was taken from the re-released deluxe version of Beyonce's second album, B'Day in 2006. It gave Beyonce her third number one and Shakira her second. Impressive. But enough of that, onto the song.

Beyonce is usually on her own, belting out the biggest notes. Here, she is singing with Shakira, and the song doesn't have those huge notes or choruses. Both she and Shakira have very distinctive voices, and they work extremely well together. Shakira has a sexy Latino style, with Beyonce known for her diva / R&B / pop melting pot of influences. Together, they each lend a little from each other's styles, mirroring one another in both musical style, vocals and in the video you can scarcely tell which is which.

It's still very latin in its style and tempo, but by god this is a steamy record. Its all about the 2 of them being cheated on by the same guy. However, rather than mourn this and fight, they bond together as women. The lyrics are fab "let's not kill the karma, let's not start a fight", "can't we laugh about it, its not worth our time". Its a very anti cheating men song, and very girl power!! But its cleverly done.

I must admit though, I can't actually imagine this ever happening - in real life, they would be scratching each other's eyes out in a cat fight, taking to twitter to tweet offensive rants about one another, or in normal non-celeb world appearing on Jeremy Kyle!!

Now to the video. I mentioned above that its hard to tell the two apart. It starts with them dressed very similarly, dancing and singing in solo. You can tell which is which at this point, although their hair is also the same, and I never realised how similar their figures are. About half way they start to dance together, wearing skimpy cropped tops, both with very toned abs and wiggling in a belly dance style. Very steamy. There are parts though where you really have to concentrate to tell which is which.

All in all this is a raunchy song and video, but it stays on the right side of taste, not going over the top. These two are both superb and ultra talented, and they fit together brilliantly. This is a steamy hot number and I love it. It's very different from Beyonce's solo stuff, and absolutely nothing like her Destiny's Child days. That's what I love about it, as it shows this woman is versatile and not someone who just trots out the same old. Fabulous. Go check it out and maybe have a little wiggle yourself!

For more of Beyonce go check out My Music page here. Happy listening :)

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