Sunday, 16 February 2014

Beyonce - Day Two - Single Ladies

Day Two of my Week with Beyonce. Today, my song choice is Single Ladies (Put a ring on it). Released from her third studio album, this is a storm of a song.

It is that video - you know the one - Beyonce in a leotard, one-shoulder, fierce thighs, strutting her stuff. Shot in black and white, and actually featuring two other females clad in leotards, but in all fairness, you do not notice them one bit. All eyes are on B. Even in black and white by god!!

This woman is awesome is all I can say really. The song then - amazing lyrics, uplifting, striving for femininity and strength, its all a pop song should be. Her voice is spectacular. Apparently, this was written in reference to her secret marriage to Jay Z!.

Released in 2008, this single came off the album in that year, I am ....Sasha Fierce. This song shows her in true Sasha form - strong, confident, sassy. It's very disco, very pop, but still true to her R&B roots.

This song only reached number 7 in the UK charts amazingly, yet continues to be one of the best known Beyonce tracks. It has gone on to win many accolades since however, so I doubt Queen Bey is much concerned over its original chart ranking.

I love this song. Go have a listen, and let me know what you think. A great day two and thoroughly enjoyed. Happy Listening. x

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