Thursday, 27 February 2014

My Single of the Week - Katy Perry - Dark Horse

I first heard this when Katy Perry performed it live on the BRIT awards this year. Its a single she released in the late end of 2013, and features the rapper Juicy J (never heard of him, but there you go).

I wouldn't have pegged this as Katy Perry had I just heard it without seeing her as she sounds very different, and the song itself isn't like her usual stuff. Having said that, she is quite varied anyway, but this takes new levels.

Its a bit of a weird sounding song to start with, but its really catchy and definitely a grower. Its still a pop number, but its quite guttural and dark sounding, almost foreboding at certain points. The style she adopts in the video is also quite unconventional - a bit like Cleopatra and the Egyptians. She looks stunning in an array of coloured wigs and bright costumes. I do love the Egyptian culture and history, so this appealed to me.

Her voice sounds phenomenal on this. Its a powerful song too - when she gets to the chorus she really does put some force into it. I absolutely love this song. Its just so different, and so well put together.

The music behind her voice is hard to describe. Its quite slow moving, but builds up so it entices you in. Its quite a seductive track, and even with the not really my taste rapping in the middle of it, this is a song for my playlist for sure.

It hit the UK chart in Nov 2013, but its re-charted this February, and is currently in the top ten. I have listened to this so many times in the last few days - at the gym, getting ready for work, getting ready for a night out -and I still think its great.

I like the lyrics "cause I, I'm capable of anything, of anything and everything", and then "so you wanna play with magic". It's like she's issuing a warning of what she will do if you cross her. Fab and if only!!

 I recommend you go listen to this one, it's brilliant, and totally my Single of the Week. For more of my singles of the week or music reviews check out My Music page here

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