Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Single of the Week - Will.i.am feat Miley - Feeling Myself

This song is phenomenal, in my humble opinion. I could just stop there really, but shall we continue?

Will.i.am has collaborated with many artists, but none as sassy and controversial you might say as Ms Miley Cyrus. Also featuring French Montana and Wiz Khalifa lest we forget.

Not a totally new release, as it came out back in Nov 13, but it is still in the top ten, and I have only just become just a little bit obsessed with it. Its sitting at number 7 in the top 40 chart as we speak.

This has a thumping bass to it, and sounds amazing turned up loud. It has a kind of dum dum dum de dum de dum going on in the background, but its the ultimate cool duo. Will.i.am has a talent for making extra-ordinary tracks - previously with the Black and Peas, but more so as a solo with his fab songs like this one.

A bit dance, a bit pop, and with more than a hint of R&B, this is so catchy. You can imagine yourself somewhere hot giving it some sexy moves, or just chilling with a Pims when the weather turns nice again. In the meantime indoors with the heating on will have to suffice!!

I love the lyrics. Will kicks us off with "I be everywhere, everybody know me". It continues with "Cause we be in the club, bottles on deck, and god dammit, god dammit i'm feelin myself".

I can't say the video is equivalent to the song however. Miley seems to have a penchant for not wearing very much lately, and she is here again in some sort of weird plether knickers that are a bit bridget jones. I think its supposed to be sexy but it kind of misses the mark somewhat. Not least as she is soo skinny and has no womanly shape whatsoever. So I would give the video a steer personally and just listen to this stomping tune.

It is great. It is catchy. Its a song I have no doubt will stick around well into this summer.

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