Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Week With - Beyonce (Week 4)

It is Week 4 of my Week with music reviews. Each week, I choose a classic band, pop icon, bands of the past and home grown talent. It might be a band I used to love, or a singer I have never heard, or just an artist I want to know more about. This week, my choice is possibly one of the biggest pop / R&B icons - Beyonce.

First up was Blondie, followed by The Stereophonics, and finally, last week it was Oasis. Great bands, great music, and thoroughly enjoyable. It has taken me ages to decide who to spend a week with next, but finally I have made my mind up. Just so many great artists to choose from!

So onto the main woman then, Beyonce. Let's focus on her shall we? Full name, Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter. Born in Texas she first came to attention with her band, Destiny's Child, with fellow group members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. They paved the way for the Beyonce we now know, with some massive hits and number one singles, including Survivor and Independent Women to name but two.

She released her debut album during a break from Destiny's Child in 2003. When the band split for good in 2005, she went on to release her second album, and there was no stopping her from that point! She has an authentic, powerful voice, unique and awesome. She has clocked up so many hits to date, something near 40 singles released and five studio albums.

No-one out there comes close to this lady. She has a bod to die for, dances like a professional, has a vocal range that defies belief, has powerful friends, is a staunch feminist, strong and powerful, utterly minted, but still adoring wife of hubby Jay Z. She is mother, she is woman, she is warrior - she is bloody great!!

So that's Beyonce. R&B and pop entwined to make one of the biggest artists out there, with some serious back catalogue to explore. Here's to a week with Beyonce to come!! Fabulous. Come along with me why don't you? x


  1. She is amazing and continues to be, great post thanks.

  2. Thanks Jo. I have always wanted to listen to more of her music, so that's why I chose her. I listened to Crazy in love today for the first time in years. My god that woman rocks. x