Sunday, 23 February 2014

My Week with Beyonce

It's the end of My Week with Beyonce. Each day, I chose one track to listen to and reviewed it here.  At the end of the week, I can report that Beyonce is fabulous. I have always liked her stuff, but I have never had an album of hers, and have only listened to her on the radio. Now, after listening to her for a week, I can truly say I have a new found love of her music. She is fabulous. The songs I chose were very different, some old and some new.

Beyonce is just the fourth artist / band I have chosen so far for my week with project, and I have already added several of the tracks I have chosen to my playlists as permanent features. It is an absolute joy to find such great music and I am thoroughly enjoying spending some time really getting to know these artists and their work, albeit only a snapshot of seven songs.

So now I have to rank the seven Beyonce tracks I have listened to this past week. So here are my seven in order of my preference:

In at Number 1:  XO
Number 2: Love on Top
Number 3: Single Ladies
Number 4: Crazy in Love
Number 5: Beautiful Liar
Number 6: If I Were a Boy
Number 7: Bootylicious

So my week with Beyonce is at the end. Once again, the choice now is who next? Who to choose, who to choose?!

For more of my previous choices and singles of the week, check out My Music page here. Happy Listening :)

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