Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My Week with Take That (Week 5)

It is Week 5 of "My Week With" music reviews. Each week I choose a band, or an artist, current, classic or from days gone by. It might be a band I know well, or an artist I love, or maybe someone I'm not all that familiar with. This week my choice is 100% pop - its Take That!

Take That are a home grown English pop group consisting of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen, and also of course Robbie Williams in the original line up. Gary is usually lead on vocals, and also writes the songs, as well as becoming much better with age!!

Take That were huge in the 90's, before their split in 1996. It was a devastating time. I am old enough to remember. Fast forward ten years to 2006 when they reunited as a four piece. Once again, they stormed the charts and absolutely smashed it live in various tours. I was lucky enough to be one of them on their Circus tour - it was just so fantastic and exciting!!

In late 2011, they announced they were taking a hiatus, but most recently, I've heard that they are working a new album this year, 2014. This will be their seventh studio album. Seventh!!!

So lets look back for a moment. Take That were a boy band. They still are, if you can call a grown group of men, boys. (You can when its Take That by the way - fact). They released their first album, Take That and Party in 1992. They have had 27 top 40 singles, 16 of which were top 5, and 11 of which number ones! They have won all sorts of awards and accolades, including Brit awards, Q awards, and even the Ivor Novello award. Now that's impressive!

But what is their music style? Good question. You may not be aware of their older stuff if you under a certain age, or if you have spent your life living under a rock. So I shall describe as well as I can - they were a true boy band, full of energy, fun and mischief. They danced, they sang, they looked good (except Gary - that hair, dear me). They sang ballads, they sang with Lulu. Do I need to say more?

Take That version 2 - 2006 and beyond. All four were involved in the writing, and all four of them, plus Robbie later, sang vocals. Less dancing around like loons, more fantastic and enormous and mind-blowingly spectacular tours. These boys nailed it on their return. They came back bigger and better, in my opinion. An opinion apparently quite widely shared!

Their songs vary, but all are catchy, well written, well executed, well produced - they are in short, pop-perfection. Well, I've said enough for now I think. Tomorrow, I shall post my review of my choice for Day One, and hopefully I've enticed you enough to return. I hope you will join in with me as I spend My Week with Take That! :)

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