Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Oasis - Day Five - D'You Know What I Mean

It's Day Five of My Week with Oasis, and today I have chosen D'You Know What I Mean. Released in 1997 this was a huge hit, building on the great songs that came before it, but bringing something new at the same time.

Taken from the 1997 album, Be Here Now, this was actually the third single off the album. When this reached the number one spot in the UK chart, it became their third single to do so. This is another of their hits to be penned by Noel Gallagher. What a writing talent that guy was. 

Having said that, even Noel hasn't matched Oasis' musical success or indeed their fame with his solo projects. It was the combination of his songs and musical talent and Liam's vocals, and the sparring between the two that made Oasis what they were. Along with various guitarists and drummers over the years. 

So back to the track. Big guitars and and drums make this anthemic. The titular line "D'You Know What I Mean" being snarled frequently throughout. It takes forever to actually kick in - they were on a bit of an ego trip by 1997 is my guess and they did because they could do. 

It doesn't detract from what is an all time great song though. If anything, it adds to the build up. The words are fab "All my people, right here right now, d'you know what I mean". You can't help get swept up and join in with Liam. Very rock and roll, and add to this, Noel famous quote when talking about the line "coming in a mess, going out in style" which he likened to themselves "a bunch of scruffs from Manchester and we're going out in a Rolls Royce". I mean come on. Does it get any cooler?

Not wanting to state the obvious - Oasis were the best there was. They remind me of the Beatles, they remind me of many rock icons. But they were unique and its a loss that there will be nothing new. However, you can go back and listen to a track like this, that doesn't get airplay these days in the mainstream and its almost as good as new. If anything, this song is better in hindsight, because the drama isn't there any more it is just a great track from a great band. 

It ends, as it started - prolonged instrumentals - great guitars. Powerful tune this. Go take a listen, and whilst you are at it, check out Days one to four of my week with Oasis, plus more great music here on My Music page. Turn it up loud and happy listening :)

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