Thursday, 6 February 2014

Oasis Day Seven - The Importance of Being Idle

The last day of my week with Oasis, so I decided upon the quirky single - The Importance of Being Idle. Released in 2005 it smashed in on its d├ębut at number one in the UK charts.

Taken from their album Don't Believe the Truth, their sixth album, this was actually the second single to be released from it. As a bit of trivia, the album is the 32nd fastest album to be released in the UK!

A huge hit at the time, its sad to say that this was Oasis' last number one. Written by Noel Gallagher, this is also Noel on vocals. Unlike yesterdays song choice, Half the World Away, Noel sounds very different on this quirky, funky, guitar tune, less plodding and more Oasis. Having said that, its not like any other Oasis track, not at all!!

In re-visiting this single, I watched the accompanying video to it for the first time. In black and white and starring Rhys Ifans, its a brilliant video. Rhys is an undertaker, and dances and mimes his way through 1960's terraced back streets, encountering both Noel and Liam along his way. He is cool anyway, but his appearance in the video lends a bit of excitement to the whole thing. I love this video!

Apparently the other people in the video, including those playing cards over the coffin (funny honest) are the other band members. I don't know what they look like, but its still a fab video, for a fab song.

Unlike other big Oasis rock and roll anthems, this is more catchy by far, and the lyrics far more interesting. It kicks right in with "I sold my soul for the second time" which sets the tone for this amusing darkly funny tale of a lazy man. Apparently Noel has since said it was based on his very own laziness. I love the line "if you give me a minute, a man's got a limit". Sums laziness up to perfection!

I don't remember hearing this song back in 2005, and I don't remember hearing it since. I can report that this is one to keep. It still sounds relevant, it still sounds awesome, and its now bouncing round in my head. I caught myself humming it when I was cleaning earlier!

I have absolutely loved every one of the tracks this week. Now I have to put them in order. Check out My Music page for the results, and for more of my week with Oasis. Happy listening :)

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