Monday, 3 February 2014

Oasis - Day Four - Go Let it Out

Day 4 of my week with Oasis leads me to the single Go Let it Out. Released in 2000 this was another number one hit for the band in the UK charts. This track is the stuff of legend, believe me.

Taken from the album Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, which was their fourth studio album, and the first single to be released. This was truly a homage to the Beatles, with even the writer of this song - Noel Gallagher quoted as saying that this was the closest they came to sounding like a modern day version.

I think this song passed me by a little back in the day. I guess I had got a bit tired of Noel and Liam's big ego's and had moved onto pastures new in my music choices. I don't own this album, as it had gone a bit off the norm compared to their usual stuff. A bit psychedelic if you will, like an experiment.

However, I listened to this again and immediately it was on my choices for my week with Oasis. It's very simple, and features strong guitars and drums, with Liam on vocals. Liam sounds more gravelly here than on their earlier tracks and he looks very cool in the video, stood on the edge of a bus - most people would look daft.

The music sounds so much like a Beatles song that it just has to be a classic - both in respect for that great band, but in its own right it is a fantastic track.

"Paint no illusion, try to click with what you got" it starts. Now how much more can you ask from a song? Make the most of what you have, make it work, try - this is the message I take from this song.

So there we have it - rock and roll at its very finest. A guitar filled classic, with Liam at his most charming and enticing, welcoming you to stroll on to this perfect piece of music greatness. As you can tell, I'm utterly into Oasis again, and this one in particular. Go listen, now. Do not hesitate.

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