Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sunday Afternoon Treat

It's Sunday. On the one hand, that is great - no work for me today. On the other hand, it is Monday tomorrow, and inevitably that starts to cast something of a gloomy shadow over the day as it creeps towards evening.

So what better way of marking the end of the weekend that a little treat? Today, we headed off for a walk then we headed off to the garden centre for coffees (me and him) and for the girls - G and her best friend it was ice-cream milkshakes. Check these out:

I was sorely tempted, but I dare not even imagine how long I would have to spend in the gym if I indulged in one of these. Not just a milkshake. No, ice-cream milkshakes, with squirty cream, glazed cherry and toppings no less!! Goodness they looked nom-tastic though. 

Our coffees are clearly seen in the first pic, in case you doubt my resilience! The pair of them looked like the cat that got the cream. Certainly took their minds off the prospect of school tomorrow. Mission accomplished :)

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