Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Take That - Day One - Could it Be Magic

Right then, its Day One of My Week with Take That. To kick us off, I have chosen one of their older songs - Could it Be Magic, released in 1992. I feel I should warn you that this is the height of cheesy pop!!

Taken from their debut album 'Take That and Party' the single reached number 3 in the UK charts, their biggest hit up until that point. The album itself reached number 2 in the album chart. Unbelievably this song is actually a Barry Manilow song originally and is a cover. I doubt Barry imagined Take That's version!

The track features Robbie Williams on lead vocals, but you can clearly hear Gary on he higher notes. In the video he wears a very silly vest and leather jacket and looks very young and very camp indeed. Dodg, foppish hair also features heavily, apart from Gary who has since had a very good makeover!  Mark Owen dances around like something demented, and I swear its a different track he is dancing to. There is a part where he pulls his vest up to reveal his scrawny little chest. Quite the opposite of sexy I must report.

The others barely feature - Robbie and Mark are the main focus. You do get to see a bit of Howard's six pack under a denim waistcoat towards the end, which makes it all quite worth watching to be fair. Gary is there, but in the background and Jason its a case of blink and you miss him.

All in all, this is a very un-choreographed, very unrefined Take That. Full of energy, full of youth and very high pitched indeed. However, Could it Be Magic was to me the stand out track from their early stuff, and the first one I can truly remember from the time. Back then, people danced to it with no self embarrassment. I really cannot imagine the same age group doing so in today's world. Young people are far too cool nowadays - we just thought we were! Watching this now, we clearly were anything but cool!!

The fact remains, Take That were and still are brilliant. They have just evolved now into something more mature. This just showed them having fun, and making fun poptastic music. I recommend listening to this if you want to smile, and I recommend dancing like Take That in the video if you want people to stare at you in disbelief approaching horror!!! It's brilliant fun. Go have a listen :)

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