Friday, 28 February 2014

Take That - Day Two - Patience

It's Day Two of My Week with Take That, and today's choice is Patience. Released in 2006, this was a song from the reunited Take That.

This track was the first single from Take That's come back album, Beautiful World. This song went to number one in the charts, and this is not surprising - it is a beautiful song.

Gary Barlow is on vocals, but on this track the band are named as being responsible for the song writing, unlike their earlier stuff. It kicks straight in with very little intro, with the lyrics "Just have a little patience, still hurting from a love I lost".

When he hits the high notes, it gives you a really satisfying feeling. Take That have a knack of releasing songs that lift you and make you think that the world really could be a better place. It makes you forget yourself. As Gary sings "my heart is numb, has no feeling, so while I'm still healing, just try and have a little patience". If only that could happen in real life eh?

In essence this is still Take That doing pop. But its so much better than that. Gary sings so beautifully, and this song has soul and a heart. This song is great if you are in a relationship for when you have had an argument to smooth things over, but its just as lovely if you are just in a happy place, or a sad one. It's just gorgeous.

The video is just them on what seems to be somewhere on the British coast. No silly dancing on this one though - just the boys looking cool in their winter attire. This is such a good song. Go have a listen. Enjoy and happy listening :)

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