Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Want some Thorntons choc? Of course you do...

Cakeyboi: Thorntons Continental Tasting Heart Collection Giv...: Fancy a big box of luxury chocolates for free?

Cakeyboi is running a rafflecopter comp for a 570 gram box of chocolates, worth £19.99, jam packed full of 48 milk, white and dark varieties. The flavours inside are inspired by Europe and include, amongst others, cappuccino and Sicilian lemon.

Go get yourself involved - who doesn't like chocs for Valentines? x


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog hope you have spotted my list of blog competitions I post each Friday, freebies too.

  2. OOh, no I hadn't spotted that. I do love a competition. I love your site too. Will check that out, thank you. Got to say, I having been blogging all that long, but its really good fun. I'm loving getting to see sites like yours. Its a real eye opener at all the great stuff thats out there that I never knew about. x