Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Watching the BRITs?? Let's look back

Its the BRIT Awards this evening. It's on right now. So what are you doing on here? Beyonce has just been on. You haven't missed it have you??  You need to watch this show. Go on, put it on before you miss anything else!

It's not about the awards really, its about the live music, the speeches, the nominees, the star spotting of who is in the audience. There are the cringe moments, the divas', the amazing singers and the ones that truly cannot sing live!!! There are those that have too much to drink, and those faces when they do not win when they are expecting to!! Priceless.

I love this show!! So far, we have had Katy Perry on doing her new song which is fab and I want that dress. Ellis Goulding won an award and I want that dress too. It's all about the clothes too. Fashion and music being inextricably linked as they are.

James Corden is a fantastic host. He is funny, he is witty, he is entertaining. That hasn't always been the case in previous years though. Controversy and spectacle make this show what it is. Let's take a stroll down memory lane of BRITs gone by.

The BRITs started in 1977 for the Queen's Silver Jubilee. Originally called the BPI awards, they became an annual event as early as 1982. I didn't know they had been going so long. They were renamed as the BRITs in 1989.

Who can forget the BRIT's of 1989. Hosted by Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood that particular year, and possibly the birth of car crash TV!! For those of us that experienced it, its hard to describe the sheer cringe factor that bizarre pairing created. Wisely, the producers made the decision to record the show, and broadcast the following night after that one!! Truly awful.

In 2007, they started to broadcast the BRITs live again, and this continues this evening. That doesn't mean that in the years in between that there were no more disasters or controversy. I cast back now to the year of Jarvis Cocker and the late Michael Jackson in 1996. Michael was given the Artist of a Generation award, and performed Earth Song. This in itself was very OTT, with Michael dressed in white, surrounded by children. The next thing anyone knew, Jarvis had run onto the stage, lifted the back of his shirt, and generally pointed his derrière in Michael's direction!

The following year, 1997, Geri Halliwell performed with the Spice Girls and donned her now infamous union jack dress, which she subsequently popped out of - an incident we now know to refer to as a "wardrobe malfunction". Ahem.

In 2007, the live televised BRITs had Russell Brand at the helm. This was never going to go well, being a controversial chap. I think he managed to offend, oh well, near enough everyone!! Funny though. Referring to the queen's "naughty bits" was the highlight!! Bless.

In 2009, Girl's Aloud performed the promise, but appeared to be naked all bar feathers. Raised the temperature in many a household I dare say!!!

In 2010, it was Peter Kay and Liam Gallagher. Liam accepted an award, but lobbed the microphone in to the crowd. Ten minutes later, the microphone was found. Peter walked off stage muttering that he was a "k***head". Hilarious.

In 2011, Adele gave that amazing rendition of someone like you. The following year, 2012, things didn't go so well. She won best British Album of the Year. About one minute into her acceptance speech, James Corden, host, had to cut her off to go to Blur. She was not impressed and flipped the finger. You gotta love Adele!

Last year, it was great, Corden at the helm again. The winners included Emeli Sande and Ben Howard. No controversy last year, just great acts and music.

But what will this year hold for us? Only one way to find out. Go and watch it!!! Enjoy. :)

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