Tuesday, 18 March 2014

36 Days to go - 5 week challenge

Yesterday I posted about my 5 week challenge. 37 days to lose 1 whole stone. 36 days to go as of today.

Today, towards that goal I have made a start. I have controlled my calories. I have done my exercise.

I have been to the gym - today I ran for one mile but the time wasn't my best - 9 minutes 14 seconds. I can do better.

My workout today was:

  • 200 cals in total on the treadmill (1 mile run and walking on incline);
  • 133 on the stepper;
  • 117 on the cross trainer;
  • 450 cals in total. 

I also did 3 sets of ab exercises. This involved 4 different ab exercises.

  • 20 x crunches
  • 20 x leg raises
  • 20 x full sit ups
  • 20 x medicine ball 5KG raise to straight legs
Steps in total = 11,000. 

Tomorrow I need to step it up and do the exercise routine in morning to boost my day and get me off to the best possible start. I have my Personal Training Session booked in for 6.15pm tomorrow. Its going to be a long hard 5 weeks and counting, but my god I am going to get this body in shape!! 36 days. I can do this. :)

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