Monday, 31 March 2014

A bit about the Kings of Leon

I have chosen this band as my choice for My Week with reviews. Seven songs, seven days. But lets have a look who they are and more about them shall we?

If you have been following my blog, you already will have seen Day One - Pyro, and Day Two - Sex on Fire were my track choices so you already know a bit about this band.

So who are they? They hail from USA - Nashville Tennessee no less. I had no idea that they were related. Brothers Caleb and Nathan Followill on lead vocal and backing respectively, plus instruments. Then we have Jared, another brother, and finally a cousin - Matthew.

Kings of Leon have been going since 1999. They are still going strong, and have released six studio albums:

  • Youth and Young Manhood - released 2003
  • Aha Shake Heartbreak - released 2004
  • Because of the Times - released 2007
  • Only by the Night - released 2008
  • Come Around Sundown - released 2010
  • Mechanical Bull - released 2013
Their early stuff sounds very different to their current sound, but you can still tell the Kings of Leon apart from others. They are a rock band, but they do change and adapt and try little bits of different things in their music. 

I shall choose a further five of their singles over the coming days, so check back for more on this great band. If you love music, you can also check out My Music page here for more on this band and others. Happy Listening :)

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