Saturday, 22 March 2014

Birthday Fun = Diet disaster - 32 days to go!

Yesterday was my birthday. This resulted in going for tea and having a jolly good time.

Food wise, I was good. No starter, and a main of chicken skewers with sweet chilli sauce. I had a plated side salad instead of chips and onion rings. I did however, have 3 large glasses of wine, a double vodka and a brandy.

We came home, and I had a large slice of cake.

Weighing myself this morning I am 2lbs heavier. Oh dear. I am also very hungry today and have done zero exercise. 32 days to go, and I have a long hard slog ahead of me now. Just short of five weeks, and its going to be hard hard work!! 4 weeks isn't long though - I can survive that!

Now if I can just get through today without giving in to the cake's calls from the fridge, then I might just be on the right track!! why is dieting so hard?? :(

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