Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Day Seven of My Week with Pink - Raise Your Glass

Its the final day, day seven, of My Week with Pink. Today's choice is the single Raise Your Glass. Released in 2010, this was the lead single from her compilation album, Greatest Hits... So Far!!!!

This song reached number 13 in the UK charts, but it made the top in many other places. Apparently the song was a celebration of her previous ten years and was a thank you to her fans. If you listen to the lyrics, that may not be all that much of a compliment to be honest! More on that point later!

This is one of Pink's more pop numbers, rather than the pop-rock combo's she often presents. This is quite a mainstream song for Pink, who can be controversial when the mood takes, but of course there is the radio version and the unedited version which sports some choice language!

Raise Your Glass doesn't pretend to be deep. It does make a point about underdogs, but some of the lyrics are just plain cheesy! For instance "don'g get fancy just get dancy". She then refers to her "dirty little freaks" and said "underdogs".

It's also quite funny in places. Only Pink can get away with lines mid song "oh s***, my glass is empty, that sucks". The chorus of Raise Your Glass is very catchy, and its very upbeat and celebratory. Its funny, its cheesy, its classic Pink and its a great pop song. Whichever version floats your boat!

The video is very odd though. This week I've come to expect great videos from this lady but this one just isn't. It's just a mixture of Pink doing bizarre things - for instance, it begins where she has a kind of red polka dot head scarf on and is flexing her bicep. Then she is in a sumo ring. Then sitting on what appears to be a skateboard track, and also features random face morphing. Towards the end she is in her prom outfit, sitting alone, singing that "we can always party on our own", sniffing her own armpit before doing nerdy dancing. She always looks great, but its a tad strange this video, and not really a good fit for the song. Just my opinion, but there it is!!

And there we have it. Day seven of My Week with Pink and that's it! Tomorrow, I shall pull my seven choices together and reflect back on how I rated them, finally putting them in ranking of preference. If you want to check out previous days, or previous weeks, check out My Music page here. Happy listening. :)

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