Saturday, 29 March 2014

Five Week Challenge - 25 Day to Go

25 Days to go of My 5 week challenge which started  on Monday 17th March 2014. The Goal?  37 days to lose 1 whole stone. It sounded doable. The question is can I do it?

As of this morning, I have lost 4.2 pounds of the 14 I need to lose. That means 9.8 pounds to go, which means 3lbs per week is still the target I must hit. £ 1/2 weeks - 3lb per week = 9 lbs. That's a big challenge!

It is Saturday. I have been good food wise. I have had a few shorts this evening, but vodka and diet coke, so nothing that should damage things and not too much of it either.

Being a Saturday, I did not do my morning routine. However, I did make up for it with quite an epic gym workout. Consisting of:
  • 5km run = 380 cals
  • walk - 20 cals
  • Cross Trainer - 100 cals
  • Stepper - 100 cals
  • 2 x sets of 80 abs
600 cals in total. Plus core. We then went to the marina this evening, still wearing my pedometer. I can happily report that I have hit 16,000 steps today. Tonight, I have not had a glass of wine. I have endured vodka and diet coke, which is not the same thing at all and tastes crap. However, wine = not losing weight. 

25 days to go, 9.8lb to go. If I can keep this momentum going, its in the bag!! 

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