Saturday, 15 March 2014

Horizontal Jumps - the hardest exercise ever!!

Yesterday was PT day. Hard as ever. Lots of cardio, strength work, abs, weights, resistance - you name it. I survived it and lived to tell the tale.

One of the torturous efforts from this session was an exercise I have not done before. Its not going to sound that bad. Trust me - this is the hardest exercise to date!!

It requires no equipment, no machine, no free weights - just you and your body. Easy right? Wrong.

To begin with, stand feet shoulder width apart and squat. Low. Low as you can. Swing your arms out behind you. Swing your arms forward and use the momentum to squat jump forward, landing in squat position.

Do not rise. Do not straighten your legs. Do not lean forward. Remain in squat. Do it again. Then again. For the length of the room (I was at the gym, long long long room!). Once at the end. Turn around, and return to where you started - squat and jumping.

If you are doing it correctly your thighs will burn baby burn. If you reach the end, you will be out of breath, and your heart pounding. If you are doing it correctly, your legs will shake.

Now, imagine that you have already done half your hour PT session, and still have a half hour to go! Sounds fun yes? Enjoy :)

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