Saturday, 15 March 2014

House Viewing Number 2 - small issue = no keys!

House viewing number two arranged for 1.30pm today. This one was a house that looks like it could be promising. It also looks like it might be empty and probably needs some work. I don't altogether mind that, if the price reflects it.

So I turn up, after missing the sign and driving straight past it first. Turning around, I pulled up and saw the estate agent sitting in her car. The estate agent was doing the viewing, not the owner, which also made me think it was probably empty.

She greeted me but looked concerned. She proceeded to advise me that the keys didn't appear to fit, and welcomed me to try myself. I did - the key went in the lock but wouldn't turn. We tried the side door - definitely not the right keys. So we couldn't get in!

Thankfully, I hadn't travelled too far. Back home it occurs to me that this is a promising sign. It means there cannot have been other viewings - couldn't have been - the keys don't fit! This is encouraging, as this, in addition to the fact that it is sitting empty means there could be more negotiation on the price.

They are calling me back on Monday to rearrange. I'm thinking a silly offer of way below asking might be in order if we like it when we finally get inside! This could be the one. Or it might not. Who knows - watch this space :)

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