Sunday, 23 March 2014

My 5 Week Challenge - 31 Days to Go - Oops

31 Days to go on my 5 Week challenge. I was doing very well until Friday. Friday was my birthday. I had allowed for Friday in my plan. I hadn't allowed for Saturday.

This is the issue I now face. I weighed myself yesterday morning and found 2lbs had gained. I did not dare weigh myself again this morning! Yesterday I should have been back on track. However I struggled. I was hungry and I gave in.

I ate several weight watchers snacks, and before I even had my tea, I was up to my daily allowance. To make matters worse, I drank 2 glasses of wine, and had 2 quite generous measures of brandy. That wouldn't have been too bad.

I made things worse though. I ate chocolates, secretly. I also ate a piece of cake, again, secretly. Well, strike that. Not very secret at all - I left the plate out and the cake crumbs gave me away!!

I have resisted scoffing again today, but I am still hungry. I haven't done much exercise - a little walk outdoors and some housework, but nothing to what I should have been doing!!

I shall weigh myself in the morning. I shall face the music and dance. I shall push myself hard this week to undo the damage, but its not going to be easy now to get to the weight I want to be at for my holiday. I do like to make things hard for myself, that is for sure!!

31 days to go. 1 stone to go. Still. Arggghhhh!!! Right. I can do this. Think positive!! :)

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