Monday, 17 March 2014

My 5 Week Challenge - Lose one stone!!!

It is almost five weeks until I head off on my holidays. I have set myself a challenge to lose one whole stone before I go. That's going some, I appreciate. It has to be done.

So counting today as day one, here is the task ahead and what I intend to do to accomplish my goal.

GOAL = 1 stone to lose (14lbs)
Date to lose it by = 24th April 2014
Days to go = 37 days

Daily Plan (increase by 1 every day up to 37)
AM routine - minimum of 10 minutes every morning to include:
100 crunches/abs
10 squats
10 lunges per leg
10 burpees
10 press ups
10 tricep dips

Each day to hit a minimum of 10,500 steps on my pedometer.

PM - before bed
25 crunches
10 toe touch
10 side stretch reach
10 thigh stretch
10 calf stretch

Weekly Plan
2 x Personal Training Sessions of 1 hour each per week
2 x gym sessions of at least 1 hour per week
Minimum of 4 sessions per week in total, ideally five.

The 2 sessions on my own I need to do:
Session 1 - long run, 500 cal burn on cardio, 3 x ab routine
Session 2 - short fast run, 400 cal burn on cardio, 3 x intense abs and planks

So that's the plan. I do like to set myself a challenge, and this is the hardest yet!! Keep you posted on my progress. It will all be worth it in the end! (so I keep telling myself!) :)

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