Saturday, 22 March 2014

My Movie Reviews - The LEGO Movie

I went to the cinema the first time I saw The LEGO movie. Under the guise that my 8 year old step daughter wanted to watch it, yet secretly do did I!

It begins with a lego figure in the shape of a wizard called Vetruvius. He tries to stop the villain of the piece, President "Lord" Business, from getting the super weapon called the Kragle. He fails, but as Business takes the Kragle, Vetruvius, now blind, warns him that there is a prophecy and that "The Special" will come forward and save all. Business takes no notice of him.

Eight and a half years later, we are introduced to Emmet Brickowski. He lives by the rules. We see him wake up and follow instructions to get dressed and ready. Off he goes to work, still following the rules. He works on the construction site. They start to sing along to a very cheesy, but actually quite catchy song called "Everything is awesome". Then, they finish work and are going to the pub, but Emmet's manual blows away.

He tries to catch it, but spots someone on the site that shouldnt't be there. He finds that she is a woman, called Wyldstyle, and he tries to follow. He is such a clutz that he falls in a hole. At the bottom of the hole is a red relic called the Piece of Resistance. He touches it, but passes out.

When he wakes up, he finds that a good cop/bad cop figure is interogating him (the good cop and bad cop is the same person just his head swivels around to change his personality!) It transpires that bad cop is working for Business. Emmet also finds that the Piece of Resistance is stuck to his back. Before anything can happen, Wildstyle comes and rescues Emmet, believing that Emmet is the Special, and that he is a master builder. She soon realises he isn't!!

Meanwhile Business demonstrates the power of the Kragle on Bad Cops parents, permanently freezing them. He doesn't like everyone making things and moving!! He erases good cop by removing the other lego face!!

Bad Cop gives chase going after Emmet, Vetruvius and Wildstyle. Vetruvius and Wildstyle are still convinced Emmet is the Special, but when they enter his mind they find nothing. Other than a double bunk sofa! Utterly empty.

Bad Cop is hot on their trail, destroying everything he comes across. The travel through the Old West, where Batman, who turns out to be Wildstyle's boyfriend, rescues them. They head on to Cloud Cuckoo Land. The master builders have gathered to hear Emmet's speech. When he reveals he isn't a leader and isn't a master builder, they start to leave, disappointed.

Bad Cop suddenly appears with his men, having tracked Emmet through a device stuck onto his leg. Emmet and Wildstyle escape, but Bad Cop captures most of the master builders. They plan to get into the office tower, but their plan is foiled. Vetruvius tries to fight back, but he gets his head cut off. He manages to tell them that he lied and that there is no prophecy.

Vetruvius ghost comes back and tells Emmet that he might not be the special, but he can still be a hero. Emmet realises he is attached to a battery, as the clock ticks down and they all face destruction. He manages to roll towards the edge, and throws himself out into the Edge of the Universe taking the battery with them. In doing so he sacrifices himself to save the others.

Wildstyle appeals to lego world to rise up and be creative. To make whatever they can think of to save their world. As they begin to realise what they can do, Emmet finds himself on the floor in the real world as a small plastic toy. He sees that this is all being played out in the imagination of a little boy. His dad comes down, the man upstairs and its none other than Will Ferrell! He tells his son off for playing with his lego, and starts to glue everything in place.

The little boy, Finn, notices Emmet has managed to get off the table and sends him and the Piece of Resistance which has also landed their, back into Bricksburg. On his return, Emmet realises he is now a master builder. He builds a mega robot, and breaks into the office tower. Business uses the Kragle on Emmet and freezes his leg to the floor.

Back in the real world, the man looks at the creations his son has made and stops gluing. He tells his son he can play with the lego. In Bricksburg, Emmet convinces Business that he should enjoy creating things and stop freezing everything. Business puts the Piece of Resistance onto the Kragle (it turned out to be the lid) and it blows up.

Everyone celebrates. He wins the girl, as Batman steps aside letting Wildstyle who is actually named Lucy to be with Emmet. You think its all going to be ok, when a load of DUPLO aliens arrive, signalling that Finn's little sister has been allowed to play too!!

This is a colourful, fun, kids film. But it has adult humour and is clever enough to keep the grown ups entertained too. I had several laugh out loud moments watching this and came out singing the "Everything is Awesome" song, much to the embarrassment of G!

This is made all the more fun because of some serious big hitters providing the voices. Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Channing Tatum, and unbelievably Liam Neeson as Bad Cop!! I thought this was fabulous. The 3D filming made it even better. This is fab for kids, but better still for grown ups!!! 10 out of 10. Fab. :)

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