Monday, 31 March 2014

My Week with Kings of Leon Day Three - Molly's Chambers

Day Three of My Week with Kings of Leon brings me to Molly's Chambers. This was the second single taken from the Youth and Young Manhood album in 2003.

This single made the Top 40 in the UK charts, but peaked at number 23. I think it should have been higher, but this was the one of the first songs from the band, and they hadn't reached mainstream at this point. Bigger things were still to come.

This is a shake your head and swing your hair, and jump about rock song. Think guitars and drums and gravelly gritty vocals. Its a brilliant song. Apparently Mollys Chamber title came from a Thin Lizzy song.

The video features the band on a stage,  Just them on the stage with some effects and images flashing on screens behind them. They sport lovely big hair and moustaches and lots of double denim. Very grungy feeling, but it matches the song.

The lyrics are ones you can really belt out along with the song. "You want it, she's got it, Molly's chamber gonna change your mind". Its one of those songs that you can only imagine what it is about. I doubt anyone but the band actually knows. It could be a girl, it could be a drug - who knows? Its a great rock song.

For Days one and two, and more about this great band, check out My Music page here. Happy listening. :)

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