Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Week with Pink Day Six - Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

Day Six of My Week with Pink brings me to her single Blow Me (One Last Kiss). The single was taken from her sixth studio album The Truth About Love in 2012, and was released the same year.

Blow Me (One last Kiss) was the debut single, and it reached number 3 in the UK chart. This is classic Pink and it, as usual, doesn't mess about in getting to the point!!

Her voice is spectacular on this. She is quieter and lower in the verses, but the range is impressive throughout. The chorus is fun, upbeat, but still has her "don't mess with me" toughness that makes a Pink song so distinctive and instantly recognisable. She has a particular type of pop come rock that she does fabulously.

The song appears to be about a break up, and it delivers some killer lines and gets to the core of it. It starts with "white knuckles and sweaty palms from hanging on too tight". "Eyes on fire, and they burn from all the tears, I've been crying, I've been dying over you".

She gets to the chorus "I think I've finally had enough", then "I think this might be it for us, blow me one last kiss". She goes on to say shes had a s*** day and that life's too short for this. You can't argue with her logic. She does make a painful experience sound quite fun and perky!!

The video is a perfect fit to the song. Shot in black and white, it starts off with Pink having a very civilised picnic with her guy. They go to kiss, but his phone goes off. She throws red wine at him and storms off. The wine is actually red in contrast to the black and white, which is a stunning effect, very dramatic.

She meets another man and goes home with him. She is drawn by him wearing what appears to be just beads, and watches through the window as guests arrive for a party. Later, dressed in a tux with her hair scraped back, looking very gorgeous, Pink dances with a lady guest. The man appears and proposes. Pink accepts, but then realises he is actually proposing to her dance partner, the other woman.

The video moves to their wedding, with Pink dressed in black as if going to a funeral not a wedding! Above them, a flying bicycle is carrying a big pink heart. It explodes showering the couple and all the guests in red juice. Pink dances happily, and flies away with the cycle rider!!

In summary, this is Pink at her best. Defiant, resilient, deep, dark, but still powerful, upbeat and even funny. Her voice is awesome, and she looks amazing. The song is catchy and edgy, and I love it. Go and have a listen, and really listen. Its a great song. For more of Pink, check out My Music page here.

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