Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My Week with Pink is Over :(

So My Week with Pink is over. I have chosen seven tracks, listened to them and watched the video, then reviewed them here. My conclusion is that Pink is up there with the greatest of them. She has been around much longer than I realised, and has continued to make great tracks, and not deviate from who she is.

Pink has a surprising range - deep and dark, to upbeat and cheery, but always with her own particular style. Occasionally straying a little into other's territory - namely the likes of Kelly Clarkson, but always with something a little different. For the most part she is unique, and when she isn't, its because imitation is the greatest of the flattery. Others copy her.

Her songs are always emotional, always powerful, and tend to take you on a journey. So now to the tricky part - putting the seven choices of my week with Pink in ranking. So here goes:

In at Number 1 - Try
At Number 2 - So What 
Number 3 -Trouble
Number 4 -  Just Like a Pill
Number 5 - Blow Me
Number 6 - Who Knew
Number 7 - Raise Your Glass 

So to Pink I say goodbye for now, though one or two tracks as usual are staying on my playlist. This is what I love most about music - new or old, you can always find something you love to add to your life. A track you have forgotten or didn't hear the first time around, or one you just didn't rate then for reasons unknown! We all transition through life and things change, so do we. Deep eh?

So who next then? Decisions decisions. Check out previous "My Week with" at My Music, where you will also find my single of the week choices. :)

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