Monday, 3 March 2014

Over Indulged and satisfied - now for the punishment!

So this weekend me and the other half headed off to Hoar Cross Hall. (more on the place itself later).

The package included lunch, dinner and breakfast. So we had dinner last night - it was gorgeous, 3 courses and very fattening! We had cocktails, we had prosecco, we had brandy night caps and wine during the day.

I woke up this morning starving, so we headed for breakfast. I had a full English. Well, its rude not to isn't it? Then but a few hours later, it was time for lunch.

To say I had a carb fest would be understating it somewhat, and of course, a glass of wine!!

Now, back at home, I feel sluggish. I feel bloated. I feel over indulged and satisfied. I also feel like I have undone quite a lot of hard work and I dread the impact on the scales tomorrow!

Now comes the punishment. I have enjoyed myself, and it was worth every mouthful, but now I have to repair the damage. So this week, its the gym tomorrow, Personal training on Thursday and Saturday. It's also the gym on either Wednesday, Friday or Sunday. Four in total.

That's just the start of it!! I am going to cut out all treats and alcohol for the next week- including the weekend! This my friends, is my punishment! :)

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