Thursday, 6 March 2014

PT - "Do you want to punch me?"

I toddled off to my Personal Training session tonight, expecting the usual variety of torture. He doesn't half put me through my paces!! However, this evening was something different entirely.

My PT always introduces something new into the routine and no session is ever the same as before. This evening though, he took me off into the studio. He produced a small bag, out of which he took two boxing gloves - the slip on kind, not the full monty lace up ones.

He then asked me "do you want to punch me?" What a question. How much I have wanted to do exactly that on previous occasions!! I said " oh good lord do I".

What followed is half an hour of being taught to jab, cross, duck and kick, and also to bring your knee up hard to hit the pad. It was hard work, but it released a great deal of anger and frustration that I didn't even realise I had!

The sweat was literally pouring off me. If that wasn't bad enough, this was punctuated with jumps on and off the step box, running up and down, side steps and squat jumps, with a few thrusters thrown in for good measure. Phewf!

All in all, dare I even admit it, I actually enjoyed the session. Not that you will catch me telling him that!! ;)

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