Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Take That - Day Five - The Flood

It's Day Five of My Week with Take That, and today's pick is The Flood. This single was taken from their sixth studio album, Progress, both released in 2010.

The album progress was the return of Robbie Williams. It was the first track to feature him as a single release since he rejoined. Both Gary Barlow and Robbie are on lead vocals in this track, and it sounds fantastic to hear them together again.

For some inexplicable reason, this absolute epic pop anthem only reached the number 2 spot in the UK charts. Still a huge hit, but just shy of the top spot, which surprised me to be honest. This was one of the best tracks they have released in my humble opinion, if only for the return of Robbie.

The video is brill. All five of them - Gary, Robbie, Jason, Howard and Mark all dressed in white, feature in this as a rowing team. If you look carefully, you will spot the boys boat is named "Progress" - coincidentally (not) the name of their album!

They race against another, younger, rowing team, but they lose. They surprise everyone though by continuing on past the finish line. They row and they row, along the Thames, past the Houses of Parliament, under the Tower Bridge and on out to sea into a storm. I'm not sure what their thinking was, but to me this shows how Take That have survived and will endure the storms. Perhaps I'm being a bit deep there - in simpler terms its a fab video and the boys look very fit and sound fab.

My favourite line from this one is "they said we'd never dance again". Well they did, so there! That's how this makes you feel - its epic.

This is more pop brilliance from what I am starting to now consider the masters of pop on this my fifth day and fifth song from them. I just absolutely love this song. Go have a listen - what are you waiting for?

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